Balamitra or Bala mitra movie watch online download free iBomma
Cast: Ranga, Sashikala Dharmavarapu
Director: Shailesh Tiwari
Synopsis: Two young medicos, Arjun and Deeksha, are in love but their happiness is shattered when someone kidnaps Deeksha and blackmails Arjun, telling him to kill three people. Arjun follows through on the first two, but things get complicated when he meets a village girl named Vyshali. Will they all get out of this alive?

Balamitra 2021 Telugu movie watch online. Ranga, Sashikala Dharmavarapu, Dayanand Reddy, Meesala Laxman, Kiya Reddy, Anusha Reddy’s Bala Mitra / Bala Mithra / Baala Mithra / Baala mitra movie download free from iBomma.